About Us

The uniqueness of geographical placement, climatic conditions and richness of land make South Asia one of the most important parts of world. The people of this part of the world are not lesser than any other nation in intellectual ability and skills. In spite of all this potential, South Asian Countries are far behind the European and many other developed countries in the economic progress.

The solution to the problems faced by the South Asian Countries especially Pakistan lies in the eradication of ignorance and illiteracy. The fact is that a nation's progress is incomplete in the absence of literacy.

Driven by the insight, in the year 2000 a few dedicated youngsters took to practical efforts to spread literacy eliminate poverty from Pakistan. To extend the positive influence of this initiative in a systematic and organized way an NGO by the name of HRR (Himmat Trust) was set up.

HRR (Himmat Trust) is a private sector organization registered with the government of Punjab.
Himmat trust believes in going beyond color and caste and linguistic discriminations in bringing social welfare and prosperity to people.
Himmat Trust for the last decade has been running various welfare projects with the individual cooperation of caring and generous Pakistanis.
Himmat Trust has its central office located only in Lahore.
Himmat Trust has been smoothly and successfully running its various educational and welfare projects.
A Unique Distinction
  The determined and enthusiastic volunteers of Himmat Trust have always been in the forefront in activities of welfare, provision of health facilities and spread of literacy and mutual harmony not only in peace time but also in disaster and natural calamities.
Board of Trustees
1 Muhammad Shafeeq Janjua (Head, Industrialist and Social Worker)
2 Nadeem Ahmad (Chairman, Industrialist and Social Worker)
3 Engineer Muhammad Iqbal (Businessman)
4 Engineer Dilawar Hussain (Industrialist and Social Worker)
5 Muhammad Ilyas (Industrialist and Businessman)
6 Naveed Ahmad (Industrialist and Businessman)
7 Saeed ul Zafar Khokhar (Businessman)
8 Malik Shafaqat Ali (Businessman)
9 Asim Latif (Banker)
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