Cooperation and Assistance


In the time of natural disasters, national calamities and epidemics; the volunteers of Himmat Trust performs worthy services to help the affected fellow citizens.
  Help is provided to the affected in a step wise process.
  In the light of the statistics of government organizations and international agencies, a team of volunteers makes a survey of the affected areas to determine the most severely hit.
  The volunteers then gather every detail of residents of the selected area to get a clear picture of total loss and requirements.
  The affected families are provided with cooked and packed food at their shelters.
  Food, clothes, shoes, ration etc are provided to families according to the number of family members.
  The young and skilled people among the affected are induced into the relief activities so as to reduce the pessimistic influences and shock of the disaster.
  Children are provided with toys to minimize the psychological influences from their minds.
  Temporary schools are set up for school going children, where locals are placed as teachers.
  Skilled people are given wages for all their welfare activities. In this way that not only help their fellows and feel in control of their lives but also feel a connection with their past lives.
  Women having handicraft skills are provided with raw material so that they could earn their livelihood and support their families.
  After the relief and rehabilitation activities another survey is made to make an exact estimate for settlement and revival of routine life of the affected people.
  In the first phase, in every village and settlement, Himmat volunteers with the help of local people build houses for the widows of the village.
  In the second phase necessary material is provided to families to rebuild their damaged homes. Construction work is done by the locals themselves.
  Before allowing them to return to their homes, the affected people are given vaccination for various infectious diseases.
  People suffering from epidemics and other ailments are given necessary treatments and seriously ill are transferred to hospital.
  Women going through pregnancies are given a thorough check up, medication and fruits.
  Families returning to their homes are given transport and supplied with dry ration of at least 15 days.
  Farmers are given seeds and other necessary material to help them get back to farming.
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