2005 Earthquake


On the morning of 8th October 2005, Pakistan was devastated by the most destructive earthquake of its history.
The earthquake left life crippled in the areas of KPK Province and Azad Kashmir and left a permanent mark in the minds of its people.
In the light of the data collected by the international organizations, Himmat Trust directed its relief activities in the most affected areas of Mansehra and Balakot.
Himmat volunteers surveyed the far off villages and settlements and collected data for initiation of a long term and organized relief activities.
Relief goods consisting of at least 200 trucks were sent for the earthquake victims. (The relief goods included dry ration, dry milk, lentils, rice, medicines, tents, clothes, shoes and other necessities of life).
During the rescue operation, families trapped in far off places and under rubble were rescued and transferred to safety. Severely sick and injured were transferred to hospitals of Mansehra and Abbotabad via helicopter service provided by Pak Army.
During the rescue operation, a brave Himmat volunteer embraced martyrdom. (May Allah accept his humanitarian spirit and place him in Jannah).
Himmat Trust arranged for a three times meal for the injured and their attendants at the hospitals for a month.
A temporary field hospital was set up in Mansehra to tend to the excess patients of District Hospital Mansehra.
On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitar Eid gifts were given to patients, bangles, clothes and jewelry to women and toys to children.
AApni Himmat Apna Ghar
  After the earthquake the most important matter at hand was the rebuilding of homes for the earthquake victims.
  For this purpose, the active participation of the populace was a basic problem. Earthquake had not only shattered the houses but the hopes of the people as well.
  Keeping this in mind Himmat Trust volunteers met with the head of families one by one to persuade them to get active in life again.
  With the hope of revival of life in heart 750 wooden houses were built under Apni Himmat Apna Ghar Scheme.
The families induced in the project were given all necessary materials to build homes. All the 750 families had shifted into their new homes before the first snowfall of the winter.
Apni Himmat Apna Ghar Scheme was appreciated by the local populace as well as national and international organizations.
Lahore to Swat 2009.
  In a province struggling to coup with militants and terrorist activities, the people of Swat were ultimately tested when they had to leave their homes to avoid the affects of military operation.
  The people of Mardan and Katling opened their hearts and homes for the homeless people of Swat.
  Himmat Trust provided necessities of life to more than 1000 families living temporarily in government schools and private homes. Each family was given, food, clothing, shoes, tents etc.
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