Flood 2010


The worst flood in the history of Pakistan destroyed crops on millions of acres in the four provinces including Azad Kashmir.
  The devastation was overwhelming with thousands of villages completely destroyed, cattle worth millions washed away in flood waters and people desperately clinging to whatever was left.
In the initial; stage of the rescue operation Himmat Volunteers helped people to move dry and safe places.
Sick people were given treatments for their ailment and seriously sick were transferred to hospitals.  
To prevent diarrhea and other stomach diseases to spread, provision of clean drinking water and ORS was ensured.
The refugees were given cooked food three times a day in their tents.
The Trust arranged for sehar and aftar for refugees and relief workers of Jatoi Relief Camp.
Relief goods were given to families in the light of the statistics gathered by the volunteers of the Himmat Trust. The goods included food, biscuits, dry ration, rice, lentils, dates, dry milk, tents, clothes, shoes, pots and pans etc.
Free medical camps were set up in selected areas to help cure people suffering from various infectious diseases.  The patients coming for a checkup were given free medicines clean water, mosquito repellent and ORS.  
Students of the affected area were provided with career counseling and scholarships to guide them to a bright future.  
Dengue Checkup Camps
  During the rainy season, Dengue turned out to be a real unsolvable problem for the government of Punjab. Hospitals were filled to their capacities with dengue patient and this along with inadequate efforts on the part of the government led to a paranoia about this disease. People with minor fever also went to laboratories to have their blood tested for the disease.
  Taking advantage of the situation many private laboratories stated charging more for the blood test. To save the innocent people from such laboratories, Himmat Trust, with the cooperation of Muhammadi Medical Trust, set up a Dengue Checkup Centre. The centre provided blood test facility from 8.00a.m till 1p.m in noon and in the evening from 5p.m to 10p.m.
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