Al-Ilm School (Chattar Plaine)


The Trust is overlooking the construction of a magnificent building of Al-Ilm Educational Complex at Chattar Plaine, near Balakot a beautiful tourist spot in KPK province.


The building includes separate campuses for girls and boys and a separate block as a “Teacher Training Institute.”
All thanks to Allah Almighty 90% of construction has finished on the girls block where matriculation classes of science subjects will start soon.
The educational complex is the only educational project in the entire area running with the cooperation of the local populace.
Al-Shiffa (Student Healthcare Program)
  Student Health Care Programs” are organized to spread cleanliness and health awareness among students.
Al-Shiffa Program provides free medical specially ear, eye, nose and throat check up to students.
In every school a team under the supervision of a senior doctor examines the students. The team includes a medical officer, general physician and trained staff.
All students are provided with free medicine during the check up.
Teachers and parents of students suffering from seriously ailments are at once informed and referred to Muhammadi Eye Care Centre (MCE) for further treatment.
Such students are given prioritized treatment in the Muhammadi Eye Care Centre.
Vocational training center


Himmat Trust has established a handicrafts centre in a building adjacent to Al-Ilm School in Shamshtu to provide practical training to girls and women.
In the handicrafts centre students apart from other skills are taught various computer programs to make them acquainted to the modern technological development.
Illiterate girls and housewives are taught in an easy, comprehensible and scientific way using their mother tongue.
To be an effective member of the society, these women are taught various short courses of cutting, stitching, embroidery and other skills.
Along the courses they receive education which enables them to do small activities such as making a household budget, read an address and provide guidance to their children.
The aim of all these efforts is to make these women a better mother for a better progeny.
Clean Water


The project of providing clean drinking water to the far off places, villages, settlements and disaster struck areas and encampments at the outskirts of Lahore.
To provide instant and easy access to clear water in the backward areas, Himmat Bio Sand Filters, specially designed according to the specifications of WHO, are fitted free of cost.
The use of Himmat Bio Sand Filter is extremely easy.
The most prominent feature of the filter is that once fitted, it has no additional costs.
A specific quantity of natural contents in the filter purifies the water from germs and pollution and make t drinkable.
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